AZEK Diploma programs

Financial Analyst & Portfolio Manager / CIIA

The CIIA program provides the necessary knowledge for investment professionals on capital market topics and their regulatory environment.

Higher Federal Diplom / CIIA

Intermediate exam

Wealth Manager CIWM /
Associate Wealth Manager AWM
ISO/SAQ: direct access to CIWM

With CIWM to comprehensive competence for client advisors in the environment of increasingly complex financial products and investment opportunities

Higher Federal Diploma / CIWM

AWM: Cord knowledge program in wealth management, financial instruments, regulation and tax

Federal Diploma / AWM

Financial Market Operator FMO /
Financial Market Technician FMT

FMO: deepening of the knowledge completed by investment funds and management of operations

Higher Federal Diploma FMO

FMT: basic training in financial institutions, trade and post trade functions, custodian activities and financial instruments

Federal Diploma FMT