The core knowledge program is intended for all client advisors in private banking/wealth management. Due to the rapidly changing markets and financial products, in particular the regulatory requirements, the advisors constantly need to update and complete their knowledge. The training program covers the necessary core competencies required by client advisors, in particular wealth management, financial instruments as well as law and taxation. On successful completion both the Federal Diploma and the International Certificate of Associate Wealth Manager AWM, recognized in countries in Europe, North America and Asia, are awarded.

The program is aimed at all client advisors, in particular in the areas of investment advisory, financial planning, wealth management and private banking.

  • Develop and implement an acquisition strategy, expand the client base, grow assets under management.
  • Supervise accounts and manage complex contractual relationships.
  • Analyse client needs and propose investment solutions based thereon.
  • Sound knowledge of corporate finance and value creation mechanisms to assist clients in choosing investment projects and assessing company performance.
  • Analyse individual needs in terms of retirement planning, succession planning and the implementation of philantropy projects and optimising clients’ wealth situation.
  • Lead wealth management teams, promote the professional development of employees. Ensure that ethical principles and professional ethics of the company as well as sustainable development guidelines are taken into account.
  • Wealth Management
    • Wealth accumulation, discovery and marketing
    • Introduction into portfolio management
    • Fundamental and technical analysis
    • Mutual funds and non-conventional asset classes and their structures
    • International investing
    • Portfolio solutions and management of investment risks
    • Portfolio monitoring and performance attribution
    • Sustainable and responsible investment
  • Financial Instruments
    • Money market instruments
    • Bonds, Equity
    • Forwards, Futures, Options
    • Funds
    • Structured products
    • Lombard loan
  • Law
    • Practicing as a provider of financial services
    • Acquisition and canvassing of customers
    • Identification of the client’s investment dimension
    • Management mandates
    • Rules under administrative and criminal lax
    • Rules applying to disputes between client and bank
    • Specific rules applying to interactions with other financial intermediaries
  • Taxation
    • Introduction to the standard income model
    • Calculation of taxable income from equity-like and bond-like financial instruments
  • The course is distance-learning format.
  • The study material on the learning platform includes the complete syllabus and contains course documents, videos, a forum, past exams with solutions and exam simulation with test questions.
  • Course material is in English, German and French.
  • Start at any time.
  • The time necessary to complete the program is about 200-300 hours for advisors without experience. Depending on the student’s previous knowledge time required will differ.
  • 2 exams, one multiple-choice and one with open questions
  • The exams can be taken in June and November.
  • Programme in distance-learning format (approximately 1 semester): CHF 4’600
  • Examination fees: CHF 1’300

Subsidies of the Swiss Confederation

  • Students having paid the training expenses themselves are entitled to reclaim 50% of the costs from the Swiss Confederation. The examination cost of CHF 1’300 are not subject to the refund.

The training is conceived as in-service training and a minimum of professional experience in finance is required to obtain the diploma. The following applies at the time of the final examination:

  • Apprenticeship/Swiss Matura: 3 years
  • Degree of universityof sciences: 2 years
  • University degree: 1 year

After successful completion of the examination, both the Federal Diploma and the international Certification of Associate Wealth Manager AWM are awarded.