The core knowledge program covers the basic knowledge required, namely the role and organization of financial market institutions, trade and post-trade functions, the custodian activities and an overview of the financial market instruments. On successful completion, the Federal Diploma of technician in financial market operations FMT is awarded.

The program is aimed at operations professionals in middle and back office, accounting, internal and external audit, risk management/control and IT in banks, insurance companies, with outsourcing partners or providers of IT services.

  • Role and organisation of financial institutions
    • Know the characteristics and functions of the most commonly used financial instruments. Know the process and steps in the settlement of transactions involving financial instruments.
  • Trade and post-trade functions
    • Process and verify transactions in financial instruments, monitor the clearing process, ensure settlement between correspondent institutions, identify and correct processing errors.
    • Apply applicable regulatory requirements to value securities positions, prepare performance reports.
  • Custodian activities
    • Collaboration in connection with services offered by Custodian: Corporate actions, securities lending and borrowing, repo, collateral management, withholding tax recovery.
  • Informing clients and counterparties
    • Answering clients’ operational questions, referring to specialists. Collaborate with different departments for tailor-made operational solutions.
  • Role and organisation of financial institutions
    • Organisation of capital markets and financial institutions
    • Legal aspects for financial service providers in Switzerland
  • Trade and Post-trade Functions
    • Dealing and billing
    • Stamp duty
    • Clearing and settlement
    • Reconciliation
  • Custodian activities
    • Custodian activities
    • Payment transactions
    • Accounting
    • Corporate Actions
    • Reporting of portfolio performance
    • Securities lending
    • Repo and reverse repo
    • Collateral Management
    • Financial Messaging Systems
    • Withholding Tax, Tax Recovery
    • FATCA
  • Financial Instruments
    • Money market instruments
    • Bonds and shares
    • Forwards, futures, options
    • Investment funds
    • Structured products

Get an impression of the course: interview with an FMT Graduate

  • The course can be booked with teaching in classroom/via zoom or distance-learning format.
  • The study material on the learning platform includes the complete syllabus and contains course documents, videos, a forum, past exams with solutions and exam simulation with test questions.
  • Course material is in English (English level B2 is recommended). Teaching language is German or French.
  • Optional preparatory courses in mathematics and accounting can be booked in addition.
  • Start in January (distance-learning any time).
  • Duration is approximately 5 months.
  • The study time is 280-380 hours, depending on the students’ previous knowledge and corresponding to around 16 hours per week. In the classroom teaching format, around 80 hours of the total effort are teaching lessons.
  • Examination after one semester
  • Two exams, one multiple-choice and one open questions
  • The exams can be taken in June and November
  • Find more information on the examination at this link
  • Programme with teaching (1 semester): CHF 5’400
  • Programme in distance-learning format (1 semester): CHF 4’600
  • Examination fees: CHF 1’300

Subsidies of the Swiss Confederation

  • Students having paid the training expenses themselves are entitled to reclaim 50% of the costs from the Swiss Confederation. The final examination of CHF 1’300 are not subject to the refund.

The training is conceived as in-service training and a minimum of professional experience in finance is required to obtain the diploma. The following applies at the time of the final examination:

  • Apprenticeship/Swiss Matura: 3 years
  • Degree of universityof sciences: 2 years
  • University degree: 1 year

After successful completion of the examination, the Federal Diploma of Technician in Financial Market Operations FMT is awarded.