The continuing education programme AZEK FinSA provides client advisors with the knowledge of FinSA rules of conduct and specialist knowledge required by the legislator. The live online seminars enable direct exchange with lecturers and participants. The theoretical knowledge imparted is deepened and consolidated using practical examples.

The programme is aimed at financial advisors, client advisors, investment advisors, financial planners and specialists in support functions in client advisory services.

  • FinSA rules of conduct: Regulatory framework and its application in the relationship between financial service provider and client
  • ESG expertise: Market overview of ESG investments with definitions and concepts. Presentation of regulatory developments and trends as well as discussion of sustainability strategies.
  • FinSA rules of conduct
    • FinSA Essentials: Regulatory framework, new mandatory requirements under the CISA, regulations financial service provider – client
    • FinSA Advanced: Private banking and wealth management activities in an environment of changing regulations and court cases
  • ESG expertise
    • Market overview: definitions, concepts and classification of sustainable investments
    • ESG or sustainability strategies, performance, regulatory developments and trends

The course comprises four online seminars, being conducted live, of two hours each. The seminars will be recorded and the associated presentations, including references and further reading, will be posted on the AZEK learning platformSeminar language is French and German.

  • Individual seminar: CHF 360
  • AZEK Certificate FinSA (4 seminars): CHF 1’200
  • AZEK Certificate Beraterregister, (2 seminars FinSA rules of conduct): CHF 600

There are no admission requirements.

  • The AZEK FinSA certificate for advisors at a FINMA-supervised organisation requires participation in the four seminars (two on FinSA rules of conduct and two on ESG) per calendar year.
  • The FinSA Certificate for Advisor Registers is awarded for participation in the two seminars on FinSA rules of conduct per calendar year. Participants thereby receive the proof of required knowledge as per Art. 6 FinSA on the Rules of Conduct for
  • Accredited for SAQ re-certification