The AWM core knowledge program is intended for all client advisors in private banking/wealth management. Due to the rapidly changing markets and financial products, in particular the regulatory requirements, the advisors constantly need to update and complete their knowledge.

The training program covers the necessary core competencies required by client advisors, in particular wealth management, financial instruments as well as law and taxation.

On successful completion both the Federal Diploma and the International Certificate of Associate Wealth Manager AWM, recognized in countries in Europe, North America and Asia, are awarded.


Target Audience

The AWM program is aimed at all client advisors, in particular in the areas of investment advisory, financial planning, wealth management and private banking.


The course is in distance-learning format.
The study material on the learning platform includes the complete syllabus and contains course documents, videos, a forum, past exams with solutions and exam simulation with test questions.
Learning platform in English, Scripts per chapter (pdf) available in English, German and French.

Subsidies of the Swiss Confederation

Students having paid the training expenses themselves are entitled to reclaim 50% of the costs from the Swiss Confederation.


The training is part-time and a minimum of work experience in finance is required to obtain the diploma. Details can be found in the factsheet.


Certificate DE

Certificate FR

Diploma suppl. DE

Diploma suppl. FR