SAQ recognition

SAQ CWMA and Affluent Clients: one semester to the CIWM

Equivalence recognition of the SAQ personal certifications CWMA and Affluent: direct admission to the  CIWM.

SAQ Re-Certification for CIWM

Based on the knowledge acquired in the SAQ certification in Wealth Management, the candidates can deepen and complete their know how in the Certified International Wealth Manager CIWM program. The CIWM training program is accredited for SAQ re-certification.

SAQ re-certification for AZEK Certificates and Campus Seminars

The five basic modules of the online course to the CESGA Diploma
Certificate ESG-CA Investments
Certificate ESG-CA Lending
AZEK certificate Digitalisation
AZEK certificate FINSA
Seminars for financial professionals on current financial market topics and new scientific findings. They are presented by renowned specialists and offer the opportunity to refresh and expand the knowledge. They are open to all interested persons and accredited for SAQ re-certification

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